Main Street Church
of the
Living God
2000 N. Main Street
Decatur, IL. 62526

Vision Statement

Proverbs 29:18  Without a vision, the people
perish... With Christ as our head, and the Bible
as our guide, we will provide for the needs of
the people in our community by worshiping
through praise, witnessing with passion, and
by implementing programs designed to
address the needs of individuals from every
sector of our community that demonstrates the
relevance of Christianity through contemporary
and creative expression of our faith

Welcome to
Main Street Church of the Living
God, where our mission and vision
is to teach the Word of God with
simplicity and understanding. Our
passion is to ensure that all people
understand the power, and love of
God available to them through
Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

We are a Church family called to witness
for God in the
world by proclaiming through worship,
word and action, the teachings of Jesus
Christ, recognizing we are a part of God's
larger and diverse community, we
commit ourselves to welcoming and
accepting all people, nurturing Christian
development and providing love and
support for everyone.
A Place of Family, Friendship, Fellowship, and Love
Service Times

9:30 am.....Sunday School
11:00 am.....Worship Service

6:00 am...........Morning Prayer
6:30 pm....Ministerial Bible

12 Noon.............Mid-Day Prayer
6:30 pm...........Family Night
and Adult Bible Study

6:00 am.............Morning Prayer
6:30 pm..........Adult Bible Study